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Themeda Smut

Scientific Name
Macalpinomyces bursus
Scientific Author
(Berk.) Vánky
Basidiomycota, Ustilaginomycetes, Ustilaginales, Ustilaginaceae
Native Australian Species

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Host symptoms
Macalpinomyces bursus on Themeda arguens - BRIP 51544. Scale bar = 1 cm.
Roger Shivas DEEDI
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Diagnostic Notes
Sori in some hypertrophied ovaries of an inflorescence, at first green and elongate, later greenish or yellowish brown ovoid or subglobose bodies 3–4 mm long, gradually narrowed into a short pedicel, abruptly contracted into an acute yellow 1.0–2.5 mm long apex (the remnants of the distal part of the caryopsis). Sori covered by a peridium that ruptures irregularly to expose the dark brown powdery mass of spores mixed with loose irregular groups of sterile cells. Peridium composed of an external layer of host origin and an internal often incomplete layer of fungal origin. Columella absent, but a white mass of fungal cells filling the pedicel and basal part of young sori, giving rise to the internal layer of the peridium and probably also the spores and groups of sterile cells.

Spores in irregular many-spored groups when immature, later solitary, globose, subglobose to broadly ellipsoidal, 9–12 (–13) × 8–11 µm, light brown; wall uniformly c. 0.8 µm thick, sparsely but distinctly echinulate; spines c. 1 µm high.

Sterile cells subglobose, ovoid to somewhat irregular, smaller than the spores, 6–8 (–10) µm long, hyaline, with granular contents and a smooth c. 0.5 µm thick wall.
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Roger Shivas
Roger Shivas
02/12/2010 07:08 AEST
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02/12/2010 19:08 AEST
Roger Shivas (2010) Themeda Smut (Macalpinomyces bursus) Updated on 12/2/2010 7:08:35 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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