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Silken Fungus Beetle

Scientific Name
Cryptophagus sp.
Scientific Author
(Coleoptera: Cryptophagidae: Cryptophaginae: Cryptophagini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Length 2.0-4.2 mm. Colour of body variable; brown, red brown, bicolored, black, elytra maculate in some species. Body form parallel-sided, moderately convex. Clypeus of male not notched. Antenna clubbed. Pronotum with anterior margin straight; lateral margin evenly serrate, serrations are reduced or absent in some species; not explanate or sinuate; angularity present, poorly developed in some species; prominent middle tooth present in most species; sublateral line absent; 1-3 lateral glandular ducts present. Hypomeron without field of pores. Prosternum with star-shaped glandular pores on male; prosternal process not vaulted. Ventrite 1 longer than remaining ventrites. Tarsal formula 5-5-4 in male (5-5-5 in some species).

Larva - Family Diagnosis

Mature larvae 2-6 mm. Antennae 3-segmented. Mandible with 2 apical teeth. Cutting edge of mandible behind the apical teeth multiserrate. Retinaculum long and slender. Ventral mouthparts retracted. Spiracles annular or annular-biforous; not raised on tubes. Distinguished from other cucujoid families by the combination of falciform mala, narrow-based, hyaline prostheca (which may be simple, bifid, or serrate), 2 tarsungular setae, no ventral epicranial ridges, and either 1-segmented labial palps or annular spiracles.


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