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Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Scientific Name
Cryptophilus integer
Scientific Author
(Heer, 1841)
(Coleoptera: Erotylidae: Cryptophilinae: Cryptophilini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Length 1.59-2.0 mm. Body uniformly light brown; mandible with two apical teeth; length of labial palpomere subequal to its width; anterior pronotal angles well developed but not strongly prominent; pronotum not explanate; width of mesoventral process narrower than width of mesocoxa; metatrochanter of male prolonged into a distal tooth; length of tarsomere 1 greater than tarsomere 2, and subequal to 2 and 3 on metatarsus; elytra moderately explanate.


Family diagnosis. Elongate, subcylindrical to slightly flattened; dorsally lightly pigmented, covered with granules or setiferous tubercles, sometimes pigmented tubercles, plates, or complex, branched spines. Head with or without epicranial stem, frontal arms more or less approximate, sometimes indistinct, median endocarina and frontoclypeal suture usually absent. Antennae usually long, 3-segmented, segment 2 sometimes very elongate. Ocelli present, 5 or 6 on each side. Mandibles usually tridentate apically; mola present or absent; prostheca usually broad, triangular or rounded. Maxillary articulating area usually well developed; mala obtuse, not falciform. Labium with ligula, palpi 2-segmented. Legs with coxae narrowly separated; tarsunguli with 2 setae, side by side. Abdomen with tergite 9 bearing paired, short, or long, upturned urogomphi or single median spine; segment 10 posteroventral, circular. Spiracles usually annular biforous, sometimes annular.


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MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory
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