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Red and Blue Pollen Beetle

Scientific Name
Dicranolaius bellulus
Scientific Author
(Guérin-Méneville, 1830)
(Coleoptera: Melyridae: Malachiinae: Malachiini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Body length 5-8 mm. Bright red in colour with four metallic blue spots on the elytra. Antennae of 10 apparent segments; segment 2 actually contained within 1. Anterior tarsal joints 2 thickened, prolonged over 3 and nigropectinate at the tip in male.


2nd apparent antennal segment strongly dilated; remaining antennal segments simple.

Larvae - Family diagnosis

Elongate, usually narrow, slightly flattened or subcylindrical; lightly sclerotized except for head, usually tergite 9, often thoracic, occasionally abdominal tergites; usually reddish or pink; vestiture of fine setae, these sometimes long and dense. Head usually elongate or subquadrate; epicranial suture Y-shaped, epicranial stem long, frontal arms straight; median endocarina absent; ocelli present, 1 to 5 on each side. Mandibles usually apically bidentate; prostheca a single or divided process, lined posteriorly with fine setae. Ventral mouthparts retracted, maxillolabial complex (stipes and mentum) as long as gula; cardo much shorter than stipes; mala bearing pedunculate seta. Gula short; paragular areas usually membranous so that head is open behind; hypostomal rods absent. Protergum usually with single plate; pro-, meso-, and metatergum sometimes, abdominal tergites 1 to 8, rarely with paired sclerites. Thoracic tergites and abdominal tergites 1 and 8 or 1 to 8 usually with 1 or 2 pairs of glandular openings. Tergite 9 usually heavily sclerotized, with paired urogomphi; sometimes bearing lateral glandular opening; rarely bearing paired, transparent, tubular processes. Spiracles annular.


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- Wittmer, W. (1952). Remarks on some Australian Laius Guér. (Col.: Malachiidae). Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, 76: 187-189.
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