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Sap Beetle

Scientific Name
Brachypeplus sp.
Scientific Author
(Coleoptera: Nitidulidae: Cillaeinae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Dorsal - Adult
Caroline Harding MAF
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Diagnostic Notes

Body elongate, usually depressed. Head little narrower than pronotum. Clypeus projecting, feebly emarginate in front. Antennae a little longer than head, first segment enlarged, second rather stout, third elongate, club flattened, usually round in outline. Antennal grooves short and slightly or strongly convergent. Eyes rather small, facets very fine. Labrum little emarginate, sides rounded, sometimes with a notch on each side. Mandibles usually with two small teeth behind apex. Lacinia short, rounded, with a brush of hairs on tip and on inner margin. Maxillary palpi rather short and thick, first segment minute, second unequal and large, third shorter, fourth longer than second. Ligula large, corneus, with rather broad, ciliated, membranous paraglossae. Labial palpi short, first segment very small, second large, thick, third more flattened and rather truncated. Mentum rather transverse, variously emarginate in front, usually toothed in middle. Prothorax transverse, about as wide as elytra, posterior angles nearly rectangular, sides narrowly margined. Scutellum transverse, variable in form. Elytra costate or striate, very short, truncate, exposing three dorsal chitinized segments, each marked with a line along sides and anterior margin. Prosternum not projecting but depressed behind coxae. Mesocoxae and metacoxae about equally separated, about twice as far as procoxae. Ventral abdominal segments one and two short and about equal, third and fourth equal in length and longer than first two, fifth longest. Legs short. Tarsi feebly dilated, last segment as long as first four together. Claws simple. Supplementary segment of male pygidium visible both from above and below.


Family diagnosis. Elongate, parallel sided, subcylindrical to slightly flattened; usually lightly pigmented except for head, protergum, tergite 9; also sometimes paired tubercles on remaining segments or, rarely, complete tergal plates; integument sometimes granulate or tuberculate; vestiture of scattered fine setae. Abdominal segments, especially posteriorly, sometimes with lateral projections. Head usually transverse; epicranial stem usually absent; frontal arms usually distant, usually sharply angulate at midpoint, occasionally approximate at base, rarely absent; frontoclypeal suture absent. Labrum usually short, transverse. Antennae well developed, 3-segmented. Ocelli present, usually 4, arranged in anterior and posterior groups with 2 ocelli each, sometimes only 2 or 3 ocelli since posterior ocelli often reduced or absent on each side. Mandibles similar or slightly asymmetrical with number of teeth in incisor lobe differing between left and right; usually with complex prostheca, sometimes simple or absent; large tuberculate or asperate mola. Maxillae with articulating area reduced; mala entire, obtuse, inner edge sometimes spurred; palpi usually 4-segmented, rarely 2-segmented. Labium with palpi 1-segmented. Hypopharyngeal sclerome usually present. Gula usually present. Hypostomal rods rarely present, long, parallel or diverging. Tarsunguli bisetose, setae simple or flattened, asymmetrical, sometimes modified, into adhesive lobes. Abdomen with tergite 9 usually with paired urogomphi and smaller pregomphi. Spiracles usually biforous, rarely annular or annular biforous, often placed at end of tubes.


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- Gillogly, L.R. (1962). Coleoptera: Nitidulidae. Insects of Micronesia, 16(4): 133-188.
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