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Silvanid Flat Bark Beetle

Scientific Name
Ahasverus sp.
Scientific Author
(Coleoptera: Silvanidae: Silvaninae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Lateral - Adult
Caroline Harding MAF
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Diagnostic Notes

Body ovate. Form of antennal club variable; the apical segment may be rather closely joined to the previous segment and tapered to a variable extent from the middle to the apex or less closely joined to the previous one and more rounded apically. The first club segment may be obviously smaller than the second or of similar size but it is always at least slightly narrower than this segment and not distinctly separate from it. Pronotum with lobed or rounded, sometimes basally indented or incised, occasionally digitate anterior angles and finely serrated margins. Elytra immaculate. Femoral lines open. Intercoxal process of abdominal sternum 3 rounded anteriorly. Tarsi with segment 3 produced in front to form a lobe.

Male. Genitalia: parameres not forked; a single terminal seta is present and laterally there may be one or two shorter setae or, where the parameres are not expanded before the apex, only extremely minute ones; internal sac lacks an armature.

Larvae - Family diagnosis

Frontal arms contiguous at base; antennae 2 or 3 segmented, segment 2 often elongate, segment 3 sometimes greatly reduced; abdomen with tergite 9 simple, without paired process or urogomphi, not forming articulated plate. Mandibles usually tridentate apically, with prostheca and mola.


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- Halstead, D.G.H. (1993). Keys for the identification beetles associated with stored products-II. Laemophloeidae, Passandridae and Silvanidae. Journal of Stored Products Research, 29(2): 99-197.
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