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Pepper Fruit Fly

Scientific Name
Atherigona orientalis
Scientific Author
Schiner, 1868
(Diptera: Muscidae: Phaoniinae: Atherigonini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Body, 3.5-4.0 mm long. Fronto-orbital plates dusted. Palpi orange to brown. Ground colour of thorax dark; except for postpronotal lobes and tip of scutellum (yellow); usually without conspicuous vittae. Frontal vitta generally orange-yellow. Scutellum yellowish grey dusted on the darkened part. Disc of scutellum with 15-17(-23) setulae. Ground colour of abdomen yellow. Tergite 3 with a partial median vitta and a pair of dark triangular spots; tergite 4 with an indistinct median vitta and a pair of small round or rounded-triangular spots; tergite 5 with a pair of round spots. Fore femur and tibia mainly yellow; femur with a deep preapical dorsal excavation, followed by a bunch of short dark setulae. Mid legs yellow, femur with a single preapical p seta. Wings clear; crossvein r-m at or slightly basad of middle of cell dm.


Pronto-orbital plates broader, at middle a plate 1/3-1/2 width of frontal vitta. Frontal vitta generally wholly orange-yellow. Palpi usually brown on over apical half, yellow basally. Fore femur dark brown, narrowly to broadly yellow at base and at tip. Tergites 3 and 4 with the spots usually small and not always reaching to fore margins. Fore femur not excavated; with a pd row, and 2-3 pv in apical half. Mid femur with 1 p preapical seta.


Body peg-like in shape, tapering anteriorly and bluntly rounded posteriorly; spiculation on much of the body greatly reduced or absent; spiracular disc without enlarged tubercles.


- Pont, A.C. (1986). Studies on Australian Muscidae (Diptera). VII. The genus Atherigona Rondani. Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series, 34(120): 1-90.

- Stehr, F.W. (1991). Immature Insects. Volume 2. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Iowa, 974 pp.
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MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory
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