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Grey House Spider

Scientific Name
Badumna longinqua
Scientific Author
(Koch, 1867)
(Araneae: Desidae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Cephalothorax black with many recumbent white hairs. Abdomen antero-dorsally with an elongated black streak which has a streak of white hairs inside it. Behind and lateral to this streak are 2 lines of fine black marks separated by patches of white hairs. These 2 rows converge posteriorly. Lateral margins grey, spotted with white. Ventrally brown with 4 longitudinal streaks of white hairs of which the inner pair are the narrower. Sternum and coxae dark brown. Legs almost black with rings of white and black hairs alternately which are more distinct on the last 2 pairs of legs. Carapace: head region relatively broad; clearly separated from thoracic region. Eyes: from above the anterior row is slightly recurved and the posterior row procurved; from in front the anterior is straight and the posterior row gently procurved; lateral eyes contiguous. Sternum: longer than wide in the ratio of 10.7; anterior margin straight; lateral margins almost parallel before they curve in posteriorly to the posterior projection. Maxillae: inner margins straight and parallel but outer margins are curved. Labium: notched at base; lateral margins converge slightly. Chelicerae: a prominent lateral boss is present. Palp: 5 trichobothria on the dorsal surface of the tibia arranged Legs: 1243; very hairy and on the ventral surface of the tarsi appear scopulate; calamistrum extends down over one half of the length of the 4th metatarsus. Abdomen: very thickly clothed with both short and long hairs; cribellum large. Female body length about 14 mm; male about 11 mm.


- Forster, R.R. (1970). The spiders of New Zealand. Part III. Otago Museum Bulletin, 3:1-184.
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MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory
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