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Yellow Sac Spider

Scientific Name
Cheiracanthium sp.
Scientific Author
(Araneae: Miturgidae: Eutichurinae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Dorsal - Adult - Female
Cheiracanthium inclusum
Caroline Harding Ministry for Primary Industries
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Diagnostic Notes

Total length 5.75-6.75 mm. Carapace yellow to orange, approximately ovoid in dorsal view, highest just anterior to dorsal groove, clothed with thin coat of short recumbent setae; dorsal groove shallow, pale, inconspicuous. Eyes nearly uniform in size, arranged in 2 transverse rows; anterior row slightly recurved; posterior row straight, slightly longer than anterior; eyes of posterior row uniformly spaced. Chelicerae dark orange or orange brown, protruding anteriad, with 2 teeth on promargin of fang furrow and 2 or 3 on retromargin. Palp-coxal lobes longer than wide, constricted at middle on lateral margins. Legs yellow, long, moderately stout, with dense claw tuffs and moderately dense scopulae; basitarsus I with unpaired ventral macroseta at distal end of segment; trochanter IV with distinct ventral notch at distal end; femur and tibia II of male with one or more unusually stout macrosetae. Abdomen dull yellow or pale green, elongate-oval, rather pointed posteriad, without pattern or scuta and without cluster of long erect setae at anterior end. Tibia of male palpus with retrolateral apophysis, sometimes with dorsal and/or ventral apophyses; cymbium with strong spur at base. Tegulum with stout apophysis; embolus long, fine, arising on retrolateral side of tegulum, nearly encircling tegulum. Epigynum of female with flat or concave plate; copulatory openings situated at lateral margins of plate. Copulatory tubes extending anteriad, then posteriad; spermathecae small, nearly round, well-separated, situated near genital groove.


- Dondale, C.D. & Redner, J.H. (1982). The Insects and Arachnids of Canada. Part 9. The sac spiders of Canada and Alaska (Araneae: Clunionidae and Anyphaenidae). Agriculture Canada Publication No. 1724, Ottawa, 194 pp.
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MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory
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