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Cobweb Weaver Spider

Scientific Name
Cryptachaea veruculata
Scientific Author
(Urquhart, 1886)
(Araneae: Theridiidae: Theridiinae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Images

Headfront - Adult - Male
Caroline Harding MPI
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Diagnostic Notes
Adult Male

Length 2.5-3.5 mm. Carapace elongate ovoid in dorsal view, slightly convex over top in lateral view; dorsal groove a shallow, circular depression; glabrous except for several setae in eye area and along midline to dorsal groove; brownish yellow to brownish orange, mottled with grey along sides and behind eye area. Median ocular area approximately as long as wide, slightly wider in front than behind; anterior row of eyes recurved; posterior row straight; anterior medians largest; laterals of each side contiguous. Legs yellow-orange, with segments palest basally and darkest apicallly; I longest; III shortest; tibiae with 2 dorsal spiniforms; patellae with 1 dorsal spiniform. Abdomen nearly as high as long, without dorsal tubercle; heart mark grey to black, margined with white; dorsum with several thin, black chevrons, which are parted at midline by white longitudinal band; sides sometimes partly reddish; venter with conspicuous white spot flanked by pair of black longitudinal bands that merge at spinnerets. Spinnerets encircled by dark band, which is flanked by pair of white spots. Chelicerae with 2 small teeth on prolateral margin of fang furrow, none on retrolateral margin; venom glands extending three-fifths length of cephalothorax. Sternum brownish to yellowish, paler mesally; convex and hairy. Cymbium of palpus slender; embolus short, broad at base, smoothly hooked apically; conductor rather thin, hollowed on prolateral side, terminating in 2 blunt points; median apophysis angular, almost entirely hidden by cymbium, broadly united at base with embolus.

Adult Female

Length 3.7-5.2 mm. Carapace, compared with male relatively wide behind, less convex at sides, more constricted toward front. Structure and colour essentially same as in male. Epigynum composed of paired, dark, pointed projections set in shallow, elliptical depression with sloping sides and without rim. Spermathecae kidney-shaped, situated close to midline; copulatory tubes short.


- Dondale, C. D. (1966). The spider fauna (Araneida) of deciduous orchards in the Australian Capital Territory. Australian Journal of Zoology, 14(6): 1157-1192.
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