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Bulb Mite

Scientific Name
Rhizoglyphus sp.1
Scientific Author
Claparédè, 1869
(Acari: Astigmata: Acaridae: Rhizoglyphinae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Ventral - Adult
Caroline Harding MPI
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Diagnostic Notes
Female - Genus Description

Idiosoma saccate, 500-900 long, whitish to semitransparent. Dorsum with 4 pairs of prodorsal setae and 12 pairs of hysterosomal setae. External vertical setae (ve) small or vestigial, situated about halfway along lateral margins of prodorsal shield. Internal scapular setae obviously shorter than external scapular setae, and very small, vestigial or absent in a few species. Supracoxal setae scx smooth, large or small. Grandjean's organ bifurcate or simply bladed. Legs reddish brown. Tarsi I and II each with a proximal conical spine (ba) near bases of solenidion (omega1) and famulus (epsilon). Tarsus I with 4 long terminal setae and 1 apical solenidion (omega 3), tarsus II with 4 long terminal setae, tarsus III with 3 long terminal setae, tarsus IV with 2 long terminal setae in female and 1 long terminal seta in male. Some tarsal setae slightly flattened apically.

Male - Genus Description

Similar to female except: genital opening situated between coxae IV; aedeagus present; with 1 pair of anal suckers and 3 pairs of setae (ps3, ps2 and ps1), without setae ad1, ad2 and ad3; solenidion phi on tibia IV conical, spine-like; tarsus IV having 2 suckers. Complement of setae on legs as in adult female except tarsi IV with 7 conical setae and 1 tactile seta.


- Fan, Q.-H. & Zhang, Z.-Q. (2004). Revision of Rhizoglyphus Claparede (Acari :Acaridae) of Australia and Oceania. Systematic & Applied Acarology Society, London, 374pp.
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