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Nettle Ground Bug

Scientific Name
Heterogaster urticae
Scientific Author
(Fabricius, 1775)
(Hemiptera: Heterogastridae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Body oblong oval, mainly black, with yellow to brown pubescence mixed with very long erect setae on body and legs. Head black, with a yellow spot in front of clypeus, another small and rounded spot behind the occiput, and another on each side behind the temple. Antennae 0.42-0.46 times as long as the body, generally brown, segment I partially black, segment II sometimes darker at tip, 0.47-0.55 times as long as its diameter, segment III about as long as II, segment IV a little longer. Rostrum reaching meso- or meta-coxae. Pronotum trapezoidal, 1.6-1.75 times as wide as long, slightly projected laterally, strongly tightened at level of transverse median depression, black, more or less heavily invaded by yellow in basal half. Scutellum black, slightly or obviously careened to the top. Hemelytra yellowish with black spots, reaching the apex of the abdomen; colourless membrane with 3-4 small circular black spots. Coxae yellow; femur black, more or less yellowish at the base and the tip; ground colour of meso- and meta-femora sometimes yellow; profemora armed with an apical tooth sometimes with smaller denticles, tibia yellowish with 3 black rings; tarsus yellowish, apically darker. Underside of thorax and abdomen mainly black, with yellow areas.


- Péricart, J. (1998). Hémiptères Lygaeidae Euro-méditerranéens. In: Faune de France, Paris, 468 pp.

- Scudder, G.G.E. & Eyles, A.C. (2003). Heterogaster urticae (Hemiptera: Heterogastridae), a new alien species and family to New Zealand. Weta, 25: 8-13.
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