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Oleander Pit Scale

Scientific Name
Asterolecanium pustulans
Scientific Author
(Cockerell, 1892)
(Hemiptera: Asterolecaniidae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Images

Pygidium Dorsal - Adult
NZA703. Magnification: 40x.
Qing-Hai Fan MAF
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Diagnostic Notes
Adult Female

8-shaped pores scattered over dorsal surface; marginal 8-shaped pores forming single band around perimeter of body; quinquelocular pores present in submarginal band around body; discoidal pores in band around body near quinquelocular pores; multilocular pores present from near vulva forward to metathorax. Other characters: Legs absent; antennae 1-segmented; without a pygidium; 8-shaped pores prevalent.

Field Characters

Test nearly round or oval, sometimes slightly produced posteriorly; nearly flat to convex in lateral view; brownish or greenish yellow with faint medial and transverse carinae. Marginal and dorsal areas with white or pink wax filaments; dorsal filaments scattered, longer than marginal filaments, marginal filaments conspicuous. Occurring on bark, leaves, and fruit; sometimes in shallow pit.


First instar: Antennae 5- or 6-segmented; with well-developed legs; usually having 8-shaped pores around body margin; having quinquelocular or trilocular pores near the spiracles, membranous anal lobes that are weakly protruding, 2 or 3 narrow sclerotizations occasionally present in the anal area; lacking spiracular setae, pygidial lobes, anal plates, and a denticle on the claw.

Second instar: Antennae unsegmented, without legs. Females look legs and have 1-segmented antennae but otherwise possess the characteristics of the first instar. Second instar males similar to second instar females but usually having invaginated tubular ducts.


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