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Soft Brown Scale

Scientific Name
Coccus hesperidum
Scientific Author
Linnaeus, 1758
(Hemiptera: Coccidae: Coccinae: Coccini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Images

Anal Plate - Adult
HEM77 -Slide mounted
Caroline Harding MAF
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Diagnostic Notes
Adult Female

Dorsal setae enlarged, apically acute or slightly rounded, not capitate; ventral tubular ducts medial between middle legs, with a few near base of hind legs; dorsal submarginal tubular ducts often present around body margin, same size or smaller than ventral ducts; claw with or without small denticle. Other characters: claw digitules equal or rarely unequal; 3 pairs of prevulvar setae (posterior pair often obscured by anal plates); 0-21 submarginal tubercles around body margin; marginal setae slightly enlarged, usually weakly fimbriate, occasionally simple; anal plates with posterior margin longer than anterior margin; each anal plate with 4 apical setae, without a subdiscal seta; with 2 or rarely 3 subapical setae on each plate; anal fold with 4 fringe setae; with or without tibio-tarsal sclerosis; antennae 7- or 8-segmented; stigmatic setae differentiated from other marginal setae, middle seta conspicuously longer than lateral setae; multilocular pores normally with 10 loculi; multiloculars usually confined to vulvar area, 1 or 2 pores on segments 6 or 7; preopercular pores in small numbers, inconspicuous.

Field Characters

Body broadly oval to round; flat to slightly convex in lateral view; body yellow-green to yellow-brown, usually with small brown flecks scattered on dorsum; body turning brown with age; without an obvious wax covering; ovisac absent. Occurring on arboreal parts of plant. Males usually absent; eggs hatch within body of female.


- Miller, D.R., Rung, A., Venable, G.L. & Gill, R.J. (2007). Scale Insects: Identification tools, images and diagnostic information for species of quarantine significance (CD-ROM). USDA, SEL, APHIS.
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