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Zamia Scale

Scientific Name
Furchadaspis zamiae
Scientific Author
(Morgan, 1890)
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Pygidium - Female
Slide mounted
Rosa Henderson Landcare Research
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Diagnostic Notes
Source: Henderson (2011) [See Web Links tab]

Live Appearance and Habitat

Female scale cover oval, moderately convex, white to off-white with cream to beige coloured exuvia at one end, often with associated fine waxy threads; female body pale lemon with darker pygidium. Males unknown in New Zealand, but it is reportedly parthenogenetic in California, Turkey, and Russia (Miller & Davidson 2005). On underside of leaves of Cycadaceae.


Adult female body turbinate, pygidium broadly rounded with a notch, with a pair of gland spines in medial space. Median lobes widely separated, each lobe divergent with inner margin serrate and longer than lateral margin; L2 and L3 rounded, unilobate. Gland spines straight with 2 tines on apex when on pygidium, becoming simple, pointed on prepygidium. Marginal macroducts not much larger than other dorsal ducts, with 1 duct between median lobes.

Dorsal ducts 2-barred, short, numerous, arranged in medial, submedial, and submarginal groups on abdomen, then as broad bands on meso- and metathorax. Anal opening in anterior 1/3 of pygidium.

Perivulvar pores absent. With a few perispiracular pores by each spiracle. Antenna with 1 stout seta. Microducts and gland tubercles numerous on venter.

Source: [ScaleNet](


Female scale white, oval or subcircular, slightly convex, exuviae marginal. Adult female regularly oval, derm about the anterior margin of the prosoma tending to be slightly sclerotic; median lobes of the pygidium widely separated, divergent, forming a notch within which are two large, fimbriate gland spines (Ferris, 1937).


Danzig 1971d: 845 (female) [Key to species of family Diaspididae]; Archangelskaya 1937: 83 (female) [Key to species of Diaspis]; Newstead 1901b: 152 (female) [Key to species of Diaspis].
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New Zealand Arthropod Collection
Henderson, R. C. & Crosby, T. K.
26/05/2011 01:11 AEST
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31/03/2014 00:02 AEST
Henderson, R. C. & Crosby, T. K. (2011) Zamia Scale (Furchadaspis zamiae) Updated on 3/31/2014 12:02:25 AM Available online: PaDIL -
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