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Greedy Scale

Scientific Name
Hemiberlesia rapax
Scientific Author
(Comstock, 1881)
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Images

Full body and eggs - Female In life
Adult females, one with crawlers, scale cover removed
Rosa Henderson Landcare Research
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Diagnostic Notes
Source: Henderson (2011) [See Web Links tab]

Live Appearance and Habitat

Female scale cover subcircular, pale beige or tan with light brown exuvia usually subcentral, moderately convex. Body deep yellow with dark ā€˜Vā€™ shape on posterior pygidium, eggs and crawlers yellow (usually produces eggs that hatch into crawlers under the scale cover). Usually on leaves or petioles, fruit, and sometimes on stems. Life-cycle in New Zealand is uniparental with 2 overlapping generations a year.


Adult female with perivulvar pores present; with a slender dorsal duct between median lobes.

Source: [ScaleNet](


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Henderson, R. C. & Crosby, T. K.
27/05/2011 01:59 AEST
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