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Armoured Scale

Scientific Name
Fiorinia proboscidaria
Scientific Author
Green, 1900
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Images

Pygidium - Ventral - Adult
NZA589. Magnification: 40x.
Qing-Hai Fan MAF
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Diagnostic Notes

Adult Female

Body membranous except for pygidium; sides almost parallel, pygidium narrowing abruptly; head narrowing almost to point from lateral angles, but apically prolonged into an elongate interantennal process, the anterior end straight and lobed laterally. Pygidium with median lobes slightly divergent, separated by a space that varies from just under to just over width of a single lobe; serrate at apices, yoked at base, not prominent; the ventral surface of each lobe with well-developed paraphyses. Second lobes short, each with inner and outer lobules. Gland spines short, rarely reaching lobes in length, arranged singly on each side of segments. Marginal pygidial setae surpassing lobes in length. Marginal ducts numbering 4 or 5 on each side, slender, becoming smaller anteriorly. Dorsal microducts present in median areas of free abdominal segments. Anus situated near base of pygidium. Ventral surface with perivulvar pores present in 5 elongate groups. Duct tubercles arranged on margins of prothorax to about segment 3 of abdomen, in a single row on each side, except posteriorly where they form double or triple rows. Microducts present between posterior spiracles, and posterior to labium. Antennae prominent, close together at apex of head, each with a single long seta and a minute seta. Anterior spiracles each with 0-1 disc pores.

Second instar female with the median lobes divergent, forming a notch at apex of pygidium. Marginal macroducts robust, numbering 4 on each side. Gland spines arranged singly on each side of posterior abdominal segments, slender towards apex, but becoming more robust anteriorly.


- Williams, D.J. & Watson, G.W. (1988). The scale insects of the tropical South Pacific region: Part 1 The armoured scales (Diaspididae). CAB International Institute of Entomology, Wallingford, UK, 290 pp.
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