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Cyanotis Scale

Scientific Name
Aspidiotus excisus
Scientific Author
Green, 1896
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Images

Dorsal - Adult
HEM87 - Slide mounted
Caroline Harding MAF
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Diagnostic Notes
Adult Female

Body 0.75 mm long, pyriform; prosoma membranous. Pygidium broad, some parts quite strongly sclerotized; apex deeply recessed between second lobes. Outer margin of median lobe about twice as long as that of second lobe. Median lobes quite large, about twice as long as wide, notched subapically on either side, each with a finely serrate apex; separated by about one third lobe width; lacking basal scleroses. Second lobes slightly smaller than median, yet surpassing median lobes due to apical recess; rounded; subapical notches absent or very slight if present. Third lobes one quarter to one third size of second, rounded. Plates extending beyond lobe apices, variously fringed; 6-8 plates present beyond third lobe, outer ones simple. Anus oval, wider and longer than median lobe, situated around posterior third to quarter of pygidium. Dorsal macroducts short, 4-8 times as long as wide; some times forming 3-4 poriferous furrows on each side, 1 between segments 7 and 8, and 6-7, and 2 on fifth segment; submarginal macroducts sometimes extending to segment 3 on each side. Segments 2 and 3 each with 3-5 marginal macroducts present on either side. Venter of pygidium with 4 (rarely 5) groups of perivulvar pores present, 0-3 in median group, 4-15 present in each antero-lateral group, 2-9 in each postero-lateral group, total of 27-39. Microducts few, most numerous on pygidium; 1-2 present by each spiracle. Spiracles moderately sclerotized. Antennae each with sclerotized single or double spur and 1 robust seta.

Field Characters

In life, scale of adult female approximately circular, often with irregular margin, convex, translucent, fawn, with approximately central slightly yellow exuviae. Male scale elongate-oval with exuviae near one end, colouration as in female.


- Williams, D.J. & Watson, G.W. (1988). The scale insects of the tropical South Pacific region: Part 1 The armoured scales (Diaspididae). CAB International Institute of Entomology, Wallingford, UK, 290 pp.
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