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Armoured Scale

Scientific Name
Acutaspis umbonifera
Scientific Author
(Newstead, 1920)
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes
Adult Female

1.2 mm long; roughly circular, with the posterior portion drawn out into the acute pygidium and with the lateral margins produced into a conspicuous, blunt lobe or umbo on each side at about the centre of the body. Anterior portion of the body membranous, but the margins, from a point about opposite the anterior spiracles, heavily sclerotized, this sclerotization forming a band around the posterior portion of the body and across the pygidium. Pydigium tending to have the apical half acute, the angle subtended by the apex being less than 90 degrees, the pydigium then widening rapidly toward its anterior margin; lobes very small and minute plates present. The very elongate and slender second dorsal sclerotized areas are rather ill defined, but are marked by transverse striations and bear numerous very small pores that communicate with very long and slender ducts. A similar group of pores is present in the unsclerotized area between the second and third sclerotized areas. Median lobes with a small and slender paraphysis arising from the mesal angle and a much longer paraphysis from the outer angle. Second lobe with a small process from the mesal angle and a long process from the outer angle, following by a short paraphysis in the second interlobular space and a short process from the mesal angle of the third lobe. Third space with a single long paraphysis. Perivulvar pores present in four small groups.

Field Characters

In life, scale of the female adult flat, circular, quite thin, of a reddish brown colour; Male scale similar to that of female but slightly elongate.


- Ferris, G.F. (1938). Atlas of the scale insects of North America. Series II and III. The Diaspididae (Part II and III). Stanford University Press, California, 517 pp.
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