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Greasy Cutworm

Scientific Name
Agrotis ipsilon aneituma
Scientific Author
(Walker, 1865)
(Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Native

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Dorsal - Adult
Caroline Harding MAF
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Diagnostic Notes

Male: Expanse 35.6-50.4 mm. Forewing without black bar between orbicular and reniform spots, costal one-third of forewing strongly suffused with dark fuscous, much darker than remainder of wing; forewing with tapering black bar between reniform spot and postmedial line. Valva much broader distally than at base, strongly curved near apex; corona with strong tapering spines; clasper slender, curved, acute; clavus small, inconspicuous; vesica of aedoeagus with single dentate ridge. Female: Expanse 42.0-55.6 mm. Forewing without black bar connecting orbicular and reniform spots; forewing with tapering black bar between reniform spot and postmedial line; forewing with most veins not conspicuously outlined with light grey. Hindwing more or less completely suffused with fuscous, though slightly paler basally. Ductus bursae, bursa copulatrix, and bursa seminalis slender, elongate; signum a well-developed oval thickened ridge; ostium a shallow cup.


About 0.5mm in diameter, and generally between 600-800 eggs are laid. The whitish colour soon turns to light brown.


Length up to 50 mm. Colour light grey to dark brown, of a rather greasy appearance, with two yellowish longitudinal stripes. Integument with pebble-like ("granulate") scobinations; integumental scobinations flattened (planoconvex) and closely arranged, contiguous; head capsule median suture less than half frons length; head capsule with adfrontal area demarcated; setal groups D, SD, L with setae "normal", not pallid or blunt apically in later instars.


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- Common, I.F.B. (1958). The Australian cutworms of the genus Agrotis (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae). Australian Journal of Zoology, 6: 69-88.

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