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Tortrix Moth

Scientific Name
Adoxophyes fasciculana
Scientific Author
Walker, 1866
(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Tortricinae: Archipini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Wing-span 14-18 mm, females larger than males; wings held flat at rest. Male: Forewing with costal fold with conspicuous marginal oblique flat scales; forewing ground colour characteristically yellowish, pattern characteristicly sinuous in rusty or ginger brown; hindwing yellow fawn. Genitalia: valva with costal edge either slightly concave or evenly convex. Female: Forewing veins R4, R5 arising on a common stalk from the discal cell; forewing vein R4+R5 stalk length longer than free part of vein R5; signum right at junction of ductus/corpus bursae, with a dagger but no capituluni; forewing pattern elements outlined in dark brown scales highlighted with some whitish scales; hindwings yellow-fawn; sterigmal lip unsclerotised. Genitalia with slender long ductus bursae and ovoid/globose corpus, signum dagger a simple hook; sterigmal lamella antevaginalis quadrate.


HC pale tan, obscurely patterned; HC setal series MD on a pale stripe; PN and forelegs pale sclerotised; A8 seta SD1 anteroventral (“7 o’clock”) to Spiracle 8; skin scobinations not obviously darkened dorsally or subdorsally and body green; mandible retinaculum with 2-3 sharp teeth; A9 setae D2 on a common, rounded triangular pinaculum; setae D1 each on a small round pinaculum, and somewhat closer to setae SD1 than to D2; SD1 pinaculum much larger than that of D1. Seta V1 on A9 wider apart than on A7 and A8 (by X1.5); protarsal apical dorsal seta an unmodified bristle.


- Dugdale, J.S., Gleeson, D., Clunie, L.H., & Holder, P.W. (2005). A diagnostic guide to Tortricidae encountered in field surveys and quarantine inspections in New Zealand: Morphological and molecular characters. National Plant Pest Reference Laboratory, 161 pp.

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