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Scientific Name
Tetramorium tonganum
Scientific Author
Mayr, 1870
(Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae: Tetramoriini)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic

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Thorax Lateral - Worker
Caroline Harding MAF
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Diagnostic Notes
Total length 2.6-3.1 mm. Body color yellow to yellowish brown from head to postpetiole; gaster dark brown. Surface sculpture: dorsal head and alitrunk mostly sculptured; spaces between rugulose sculpture on entire dorsum of head smooth or with superficial sculpture, so the surface appears mostly or entirely shiny. Petiole and postpetiole predominantly smooth; gaster smooth. Antennae 12-segmented with a 3-segmented club; short antennal scapes that do not surpass the posterior margin of the head; antennal scrobe present and relatively strong; antennal insertion surrounded by a distinct elevated ridge; eyes moderate in size. Mandibles broad, triangular, striate; with 2 or 3 enlarged apical teeth followed by a row of smaller ones. Frontal carinae not strongly developed but more conspicuous than any other cephalic sculpture; extending back well beyond level of eyes, approaching occiput. Anterior margin of clypeus without median notch; metanotal groove not impressed; propodeum dorsally with 2 short, upturned spines, additionally a pair of flanges (metapleural lobes) present near the insertion of the petiole; two nodes (petiole and postpetiole) present; rounded shape petiole node; petiole with relatively long & thin peduncle; all dorsal surfaces with numerous fine hairs of variable lengths and only scapes and hind tibiae without erect setae; sting present, tip with a triangular extension projecting upwards from the shaft (visible only when sting is extended).


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MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory
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