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Citrus variegated chlorosis

Scientific Name
Xylella fastidiosa
Scientific Author
Wells et al.

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Commodity Type

  • Grains
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Viticulture
  • Beans & Peas
  • Citrus
  • Stone fruits


X. fastidiosa can multiply on over 100 species of plant from many plant families. Although no disease is produced in many host plants (Freitag 1951, Hopkins 1988, Raju et al. 1983), the bacterium has caused losses in economically important plants such as citrus, grape, stone fruits, elm, oak, maple, alfalfa, oleander and sycamore (Hopkins 1989, 2002). Some individual strains are able to infect different hosts (Li et al. 2001, Mircetich et al. 1976, Wells et al. 1981), but others do not (Sherald 1993). Purcell (2006) has compiled a comprehensive list of host species of PD strains.

Strains of X. fastidiosa isolated from citrus and coffee plants are closely related (Qin et al. 2001), they can infect grapes (Li et al. 2002) and share the same sharpshooter insect vectors. Moreover, CVC strains could cause CLS disease in coffee plants (Li et al 2001).