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auger beetle

Scientific Name
Dinoderus scabricauda
Scientific Author
Lesne, 1914
(Coleoptera: Bostrichidae: Dinoderinae)
Exotic species - absent from Australia

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Diagnostic Images

Dorsal view - male
AQIS Melbourne intercept ex Vietnam from rattan woven basket 25 Nov 2009, leg. D. Steward, det. A. Broadley
Ken Walker Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes
The subfamily Dinoderinae is characterised by:

- Hind coxae contiguous or closely approximated

- Pronotum hood-like; head deeply inserted into the pronotum underneath, head not entirely visible from above

- Pronotum with posterolateral carina but carina not present along entire lateral margin

- Pronotum anterior margin rounded or conical shaped or truncate

- Pronotum with medium tooth most prominent

- Head with plane or labrum angled downwards from a raised clypeus

- Tarsal segment 1 as long as or longer than segment 2; Segment 3 as long as or longer than segment 2

The genus Dinoderus is characterised by:

- Body length: 2.2-4.5mm

- Pronotum with posterolateral carina (in some species weakly developed)

- Elytra not more than 2.0x as long as pronotum

- Second antennal segment distinctly less than half as long as the first

There are 26 known species in this genus:

Diagnostic characteristics for D. scabricauda include:

- Body length 3.5mm

- Antennae 11 segmented

- Antennal scape with two long club-shaped hairs

- Second segment of the anterior tarsus shorter than either segment 3 or segment 4

- Basal half of pronotum with two distinct excavations near midline

- Scutellum rectangular

- Colour black to dark brown

- Anterior teeth with 4 on each side, middle two widely separated.


Source: Graham Goodyer 2008 (unpublished) Identification of Bostrichid beetles to Genus and Species.

Length c. 3.5mm; foretarsal segments all subequal in length; antennae 11 segmented; basal half of pronotum with two distinct excavations near midline; scutellum rectangular; colour black to dark brown; anterior teeth with 4 on each side, middle two widely separated.
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