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Summer fruit tortrix

Scientific Name
Adoxophyes orana
Scientific Author
(Fischer von Röeslerstamm)
(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Head above female
Switzerland, Zurich, Lab Culture, 1978. M. Horak.
Simon Hinkley & Ken Walker Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Adult: The upperwings are light ochreous brown with two darker patterns of a widening strip (obscure tortricid pattern). Head, thorax and legs whitish brown (beige). Fore-wings of male reddish yellow ochre with rust-coloured pattern in the shape of an oblique median strip widening out into a triangular shape at the base. Female, brownish colour with darker pattern. The hindwings are light grey in the male and brown-grey in the female. The females differ a bit from the males: they are larger, the patterns on the front wings are darker and the hind wings are brownish grey. The males will reach a wingspan of 17 to 19 mm, the females up to 22 mm. male forewing costal fold bordered by long flat scales.




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Walker, K.
05/12/2005 12:22 AEST
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