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Yellow-horned horntail

Scientific Name
Urocerus gigas
Scientific Author
(Hymenoptera: Siricidae)

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Diagnostic Notes
Urocerus is genus within the family Siricidae. Their common names include: Giant Woodwasp, Banded Horntail, Greater Horntail

The wasps can be recognised by:

- Adult wasps are between 10 to 40mm long with a cylindrical body. Adults have a spear-shaped plate (cornus) at the tail end.

- Females have a yellow abdomen with a black stripe in the middle. The female has an ovipositor on the end of its abdomen for egg-laying.

- Male adults are smaller than females. The abdomen is yellow at the center with black at the base and tail end.

- Larvae are creamy white, cylindrical grubs up to 30 mm long with a dark spine at the end of the abdomen.

- Larval stage usually lasts for 1-3 years before mature larvae pupate near the bark surface.
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Museum Victoria
Walker, K.
11/11/2005 05:17 AEST
Last Updated
05/04/2012 12:23 AEST
Walker, K. (2005) Yellow-horned horntail (Urocerus gigas) Updated on 4/5/2012 12:23:38 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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