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Tropical grass thrips

Scientific Name
Bolacothrips striatopennatus
Scientific Author
Thysanoptera, Terebrantia, Thripidae, Thripinae

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Diagnostic Notes

Female macropterous or micropterous with wings no longer than thorax width. Body yellow with grey marks on thorax; antennal segments V-VII brown; forewings pale with two dark cross bands. Antennae 7-segmented, sensoria on segments III & IV simple, not forked. Head longer than wide, with only 2 pairs of ocellar setae, pair I absent, pair III anterolateral to fore ocellus. Pronotum with 2 pairs of major setae. Metanotum irregularly striate, median setae arise slightly behind anterior margin. Forewing first and second veins with irregular row of setae. Tergites V-VIII with paired ctenidia laterally, on VIII posteromesad of spiracle. Tergite VIII with no comb medially but a few teeth on margin laterally. Sternites III-VII with 8 – 10 discal setae.

Male micropterous, sternites with transverse glandular area.

More Information
Specimen Contact
Laurence Mound
Mound, L.
07/07/2005 10:25 AEST
Last Updated
13/02/2012 12:09 AEST
Mound, L. (2005) Tropical grass thrips (Bolacothrips striatopennatus) Updated on 2/13/2012 12:09:43 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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