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Pine Wilt Nematode

Scientific Name
Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
Scientific Author
(Steiner & Buhrer)
(Nematoda: Tylenchida: Aphelenchoididae: Bursaphelenchinae)

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Diagnostic Notes

Diagnostic characters: (Dr Mike Hodda - CSIRO, Entomology)
High offset lips, stylet 12 to 14┬Ám long with small knobs, bursa present in adult males, spicules slender with cuculus [anvil-like tip - can be seen clearly on the photo of adult male tail], and vulval flap present in adult females.  A rounded tail was seen as an additional useful differentiating character applying to most populations of PWN.  However, some populations of PWN, particularly from North America, have a proportion of the population with mucronate tails, so this character should be used with caution.
A specimen must have ALL these characters to be B. xylophilus.  Each character occurs elsewhere in nematoda many times and in many different combinations.

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Description of male:  Spicules large, uniquely arcuate, paired, with sharply pointed prominent rostrum; distal ends of spicules with typical disc-like expansions.  Tail arcuate, terminus pointed, appearing talon-like on lateral view, surrounded by short, oval caudal alae.  Seven caudal papillae, one adanal pair just pre-anal, single papilla just pre-anal centered; two post-anal pairs just before caudal alae origin.
Description of female:  Lip region high, offset with six lips.  Stylet with small basal swellings.  Esophageal glands slender, 3-4 body-widths long, overlapping dorsally.  Excretory pore opposite junction of esophagus and intestine, sometimes at level of nerve ring.  Hemizonid conspicuous, about two-thirds body width behind median bulb.  Ovary outstretched, oocytes usually in single file.  Post uterine sac long, extending three-fourths distance to anus. Tail subcylindrical, usually with broadly rounded terminus.


University of Nebraska - Lincoln  Nematology

Bursaphelenchus - Female similar to Aphelenchoides but some species have a cuticular flap extending posteriorly over the vulva. Male with rose-thorn to mitten-shaped spicules usually with an elongated apex and prominent rostrum; gubernaculum absent; tail terminus with a short bursa, two to three pairs of subventral caudal papillae also present.


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19/07/2006 05:23 AEST
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