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Nereidid worm

Scientific Name
Alitta succinea
Scientific Author
(Leuckart, 1847)
Annelida: Polychaeta: Nereididae
Exotic Species Occurrence in Australia

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Diagnostic Notes

One pair of frontal antennae, one pair of conical palpostyles. Prostomium with entire anterior margin. Two pairs of eyes. Four pairs of tentacular cirri with distinct cirrophores, longest tentacular cirri extend back to chaetiger 5-7. Maxillary ring of pharynx with conical paragnaths (papillae absent), paragnath counts: Area I: 1-7; Area II: 9-41; Area III: 13-47; Area IV: 15-37.  Oral ring conical paragnaths present (papillae absent), Area V and VI present as distinct groups. Paragnath counts: Area V: 0-4 paragnaths (usually 1-3); VI: 4-19 in a roughly circular group; VII-VIII: 40-74 as a ventral band. Transverse dorsal lamellae absent. Ventrum of anterior chaetigers smooth.

Dorsal notopodial ligule present, markedly elongate and broader on posterior chaetigers. Prechaetal notopodial lobe present, approximately equal to length of dorsal notopodial ligule at least on anterior chaetigers thus notopodium of 3 similar sized ligules throughout all chaetigers. Dorsal cirrus mid-dorsally to sub-terminally attached to dorsal notopodial ligule on posterior chaetigers (not terminally attached).  Dorsal cirri single. Neuropodial prechaetal lobe absent.  Neuropodial postchaetal lobe present, at least on some anterior chaetigers, projecting strongly beyond end of acicular ligule, present throughout all chaetigers, digitiform. Ventral neuropodial ligule present, up to similar to length as acicular neuropodial ligule. Ventral cirri single.

Notochaetae: homogomph spinigers present (homogomph falcigers absent). Neurochaetae, dorsal fascicle: homogomph spinigers and heterogomph falcigers present (fused falcigers absent). Neurochaetae, ventral fascicle: heterogomph spinigers and falcigers present.

One pair of elongate anal cirri.


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Specimen Contact
Robin Wilson
Wilson, R.
07/07/2006 09:59 AEST
Last Updated
13/06/2008 15:26 AEST
Wilson, R. (2006) Nereidid worm (Alitta succinea) Updated on 6/13/2008 3:26:32 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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