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Encrusting tube worm

Scientific Name
Ficopomatus enigmaticus
Scientific Author
(Fauvel, 1923)
Annelida: Polychaeta: Serpulidae
Uncertain Status - In Australia

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Diagnostic Images

Thorax and Head
Thorax and Head
Duane Cox Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Lifestyle habitat solitary, or gregarious. Calcareous tube structure transversely ridged or ringed; Projection or process extending over the tube opening present; white tube, sometimes covered with brown algae.

Pseudoperculum or rudimentary operculum absent. Operculum present, carried on a modified non-pinnulate stalk, circular, sub-triangular or oval in cross-section, smooth. Operculum distal end chitinous; rounded, spherical or cup-shaped. Ornamentation of operculum present (with protuberances projecting from top of operculum), smooth spines, spines curve inwards; paired lateral spinules absent; internal spinules absent; all spines similar in size; Comments on opercular spines: smooth shaft with a hook distally; spines in 1-4 rows. Eye spots on the prostomium or branchial radioles absent. 5-10 pairs of branchial radioles. Pinnule-free tips of the branchial radioles present. Branchial interradiolar membrane absent. Branchial crown radioles arranged in 2 (semi)circles. Pinnules become larger distally; longish pinnule-free tip; radioles are shorter ventrally than dorsally. Collar chaetae present, limbate or marginally coarsely serrate or dentate. 7 thoracic chaetigers. Thoracic membrane present, not connected dorsally. Thoracic sickle notochaetae absent. Abdominal chaetae geniculate (bent like a knee), with dentate margin from bend to tip. Thoracic uncini with few teeth, 6-7 teeth. Thoracic uncini with 1 vertical row of teeth. Shape of anterior peg gouged, seemingly bifid. Anterior abdominal uncini with 1 vertical row of teeth, or with 2 vertical rows of teeth. 1 row anteriorly, 2 rows posteriorly.

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Robin Wilson
Wilson, R. & Cox, D. following Hutchings et al 2003 (see Acknowledgements tab)
28/11/2007 01:30 AEST
Last Updated
24/04/2008 16:41 AEST
Wilson, R. & Cox, D. following Hutchings et al 2003 (see Acknowledgements tab) (2007) Encrusting tube worm (Ficopomatus enigmaticus) Updated on 4/24/2008 4:41:19 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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