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fan worm

Scientific Name
Euchone limnicola
Scientific Author
Reish, 1959
Annelida: Polychaeta: Sabellidae
Exotic Species Occurrence in Australia

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Diagnostic Images

whole specimen (preserved)
Euchone limnicola body in lateral view (preserved specimen)
David Staples Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Branchial lobes fused dorsally. Radioles few, 2-8 pairs. Palmate membrane present (over two thirds length of radioles). Radiolar flange radiolar flange not forming expanded rounded flanges at tips of radioles. Radiolar eyes absent. Anterior margin of peristomial ring unmodified, of low, even height all around. Narrow, about as long as wide. Distal end entire. Posterior peristomial ring collar present. Dorsal lips with dorsal radiolar appendages. Lacking dorsal pinnular appendages.

Thorax with 8 chaetigers. Glandular girdle on chaetiger 2 present. Thoracic interramal eye spots absent. Abdomen with 11-21 chaetigers. Abdominal interramal eye spots absent. Pygidial eyes absent. Anal depression present, occupying 4-12 abdominal chaetigers, 7-9 abdominal chaetigers preceding anal depression.  Marginal flange absent.

Notochaetae of chaetiger 1 comprise a bundle of 2 rows similar to remaining thoracic notochaetae. Superior thoracic notochaetae elongate, narrowly hooded. Inferior thoracic notochaetae, posterior row (chaetiger 4) broadly hooded. Teeth of thoracic uncini equal in size in series above main fang. Breast poorly developed, chaeta acicular in appearance (perhaps with a small swelling proximal to the main fang). Handle very long, at least 4 times length of neck of uncinus. Thoracic neuropodial companion chaetae present. Abdominal notopodial uncini with a distinct main fang and several smaller teeth above. Breast well developed. Handle absent. Anterior abdominal neurochaetae, posterior row spinelike. Posterior abdominal neurochaetae, anterior row modified elongate, narrowly hooded.

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Robin Wilson
Wilson, R. & McArthur, M.
21/04/2008 04:36 AEST
Last Updated
13/06/2008 16:46 AEST
Wilson, R. & McArthur, M. (2008) fan worm (Euchone limnicola) Updated on 6/13/2008 4:46:03 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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