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Spionid worm

Scientific Name
Polydora cornuta
Scientific Author
Bosc, 1802
Annelida: Polychaeta: Spionidae
Exotic Species Establishment in Australia

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Diagnostic Notes

Prostomium tip bifurcated into distinct frontal horns. Occipital antenna present. Caruncle extends to anterior chaetiger 4; separate mid-dorsal organ absent. 

Colouration: Eyes present, two pairs; coloured black. Dorsal pigmentation pattern present; dark anterior dorsal pigmentation absent; white (or yellow white) anterior dorsal pigmentation present (inconspicuous flecks of white pigment on: peristomium by palps; prostomium tip; and inconspicuous flecks of white also on anterior ( to at least s15) segments laterally around notopodial lobe base). Palp banding absent. White mid-body or posterior dorsal pigmentation absent.

Branchiae, chaetae, and pygidium: Branchiae adjoining parapodia 7 and following; longest branchiae on chaetiger 8; near body end branchiae present. Anterior gut gizzard-like structure absent. Hooded hooks begin chaetiger 7; bifid, hook shaft constriction (manubrium) present, anterior hooded hook main fang more or less oriented at right angles to the shaft with narrow (acute) angle to apical tooth. Alternating capillaries adjacent hooded hooks absent; neurochaetal inferior chaetae below hooded hooks absent. Chaetiger one notochaetae absent; notopodial lobe present. Chaetiger 5 elongated relative to adjacent segments. Chaetae of chaetiger 5 'upper' (or 'posterior') row falcate with subterminal flange as a lateral tooth, 'lower' (or 'anterior') row are penicillate. Superior notochaetae of chaetiger 5 present. Inferior neurochaetae of chaetiger 5 absent. Posterior notochaetal spines absent. Pygidium flattened disc/saucer-rim with dorsal notch/gap. Pygidium large, distinctly wider than last chaetigers.

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Specimen Contact
Robin Wilson
Wilson, R. & Dane, E.
12/06/2008 02:26 AEST
Last Updated
13/06/2008 16:41 AEST
Wilson, R. & Dane, E. (2008) Spionid worm (Polydora cornuta) Updated on 6/13/2008 4:41:30 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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