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Auger beetle

Scientific Name
Bostrychopsis uncinata
Scientific Author
(Germar, 1824)
(Coleoptera: Bostrichidae: Bostrichinae: Bostrichini)
Exotic species - absent from Australia

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Dorsal Image
F. C. Bowditch Collection, M.V
Clare McLellan Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes
The tribe Apatini is characterised by:

- Hind coxae contiguous or closely approximated

- Pronotum hood-like; head deeply inserted into the pronotum underneath, head not entirely visible from above

- Pronotum with posterolateral carina but carina not present along entire lateral margin

- Tarsal segment 1 shorter than segment 2 and segment 3 also shorter than segment 2

- Antennal club segments 1 and 2 cup shaped and strongly transverse

The genus Apate is characterised by:

- Body length: 5.5-32.0mm

- Elytra dorsal apical end with 2-3 prominent ridges

- Apical declivity abruptly truncated and armed with 2 or 3 pairs of projections

- Clypeus anterior margin not concave and usually with a single toothlike, smooth triangular projection in the middle.

There are 15 known valid species in this genus.

Genus Sex determination:

- Pronotum with anterior angles with a hooked tooth (Males), unarmed (Females)

- Antennal club segments without pits (Males), pitted (Females)

- Frons without a crown of brush or hair (Males), with a brush or hairs (Females)

Diagnostic characteristics of Apate uncinata include:


- Body length: 8.5-12.00mm

- Last visible sternite with thick and erect setae

- Apical border of the apcial declivity smooth

- Elytra bicoloured - apical one third black, basal two thirds tinted orange-yellow

- Eyes small

- Frons with hairs forming a brush or hairs strongly inclined inwards.


- Frons granulose

- Elytra veins not raised or apically toothed

- Apical declivity lateral marginal ridge connected with the extremity of the outer (3rd) dorsal vein of each elytron

- Elytra bicoloured - basal two thirds tinted orange-red, apcial one-third brown

- Pronotum with longitudinal ridge distinct

Source: Graham Goodyer 2008 (unpublished) Identification of Bostrichid beetles to Genus and Species.
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