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Dampwood Termite

Scientific Name
Bifiditermes condonensis
Scientific Author
(Hill, 1922)
(Isoptera: Kalotermitidae)
Native Australian Beneficial Species

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Diagnostic Images

Lateral Image - Soldier
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Sarah McCaffrey Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Images (13)
Diagnostic Notes

Imago: Light brown to dark brown. Antennae of 15-20 segments. Left mandible with anterior margin of third marginal tooth clearly longer than posterior margin of first-plus-second marginal tooth but not more than 1.5x longer). Right mandible with molar plate clearly smaller than posterior margin of second marginal tooth. Pronotum as broad as or slightly broader than head. Wings hyaline, slightly iridescent, usually covered with unpigmented papillae but in some species, covered with pigmented papillae. Forewing with costal border (C), subcosta (Sc), radius (R) and radial sector (Rs) strongly and heavily sclerotised, arising independently at wing suture; media (M) and cubitus (Cu) weak and unsclerotised, arising from a common stem outside the wing scale; Rs with 5-7 branches; media running mid-way between Rs and cubitus; cross branches between Rs and media. Tibial spurs 3:3:3; arolium absent.

Soldier: Head long and thick, parallel-sided, frontal area rough, depressed medially, moderately steep and sloping downwards towards the anteclypeus at ~ 45°; in some species, lateral-dorsal corners of frons above antennal base slightly prominent and elevated. Antennae of 10-18 segments; third antennal segment the longest and clavate. Mandibles long, outer sides almost straight, curved near apex; basal hump present; dentition variable. Pronotum arched transversely; anterior margin deeply or broadly concave; sides evenly rounded. Femur not swollen. Tibial spurs 3:3:3.
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Museum Victoria
McCaffrey, Sarah
23/03/2012 10:31 AEST
Last Updated
02/08/2012 13:55 AEST
McCaffrey, Sarah (2012) Dampwood Termite (Bifiditermes condonensis) Updated on 8/2/2012 1:55:01 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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