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Blue banded bee

Scientific Name
Amegilla (Zonamegilla) pulchra
Scientific Author
(Smith, 1854)
(Hymenoptera: Apidae: Apinae: Anthophorini)
Native Australian Beneficial Species

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Head Front Image - Male
Pedestrian Ramp Princes Hwy, Sylvania, Sydney, NSW, 21 November 1982, L. I, Davidson
Sarah McCaffrey Museum Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes
Anthophora pulchra Smith, F. 1854. Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part II. Apidae. London : British Museum pp. 199–465 [335].

Type data: Syntypes(probable) BMNH ♂♀ Cape Upstart, Moreton Bay, QLD, Hunter River, NSW. (Brooks, R.W. 1988. Systematics and phylogeny of the anthophorine bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae; Anthophorini). University of Kansas Science Bulletin 53: 436–575 (571), states 'In the British Museum the female type of An[thophora] pulchra Smith, B.M. Type Hym. 17B666a, is not the type according to D. Baker; the type was apparently repinned and lost and the specimen in its place is Am[egilla] niveocincta (Smith)'),

Syn: Anthophora townleyella Rayment, T. 1944. A critical revision of species in the zonata group of Anthophora by new characters (Part I). Treubia (Japanese edition) 1: 1–30 [dated 1942, actual date of issue 1944] [10] [nom. nud., see Cardale, J.C. in Houston, W.W.K. & Maynard, G.V. (eds) 1993. Zoological Catalogue of Australia, Vol. 10, Hymenoptera: Apoidea. Canberra : AGPS (285)].

Syn: Anthophora pulchra townleyella Rayment, T. 1947. A critical revision of species in the zonata group of Anthophora by new characters (Part II). Treubia 19: 46–73 [67].

Type data: Syntypes ANIC ♂♀ (one specimen in ANIC is labelled 'type'), Lismore, NSW.
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