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Female (a) clypeal shape
Female (a) eyes
Female (a) facial hair
Female (a) genal hair
Female (a) head length
Female (a) labral colour
Female (a) labral shape
Female (a) labral tubercle
Female (a) vertex
Female (c) abdominal colour
Female (c) apical tergal bands
Female (c) band colour
Female (c) pygidial plate
Male (a) clypeus
Male (a) eyes
Male (a) flagellum
Male (a) genal hair
Male (a) labral colour
Male (a) labral tubercle
Male (a) scape colour
Male (b) scutal hair
Male (c) abdominal colour
Male (c) apical tergal bands
Male (c) band colour
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1 results found for Trichocolletes, Status : Native Australian Beneficial Species, Host Family : Lamiaceae (0.0832912 seconds)

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  1. Native macrognathus colletid
    Scientific Name
    Trichocolletes macrognathus
    Scientific Author
    Batley & Houston, 2012
    (Hymenoptera: Colletidae: Colletinae)
    Native Australian Beneficial Species

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