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Protocols in development

The following protocols are at various stages of development. By clicking on the name of the draft protocol you will be taken to the information currently available in the Plant Biosecurity Toolbox.

(List coming soon)

National Diagnostic Protocols

National Diagnostic Protocols (NDPs) allow you to rapidly and accurately diagnose specific plant pests, particularly when there is an incursion. Use of the NDPs will help you to be consistent with Australia’s agreed approach to diagnosing plant pests. Furthermore, use of the NDPs helps to ensure that Australia meets its international plant protection obligations when responding to pest incursions.

Protocol Development

The NDPs have been:

  • developed by SPHDS
  • validated by independent specialists in accordance with ‘SPHDS Reference Standard No. 2: Development of Diagnostic Protocols – Technical Procedures’ (this document can be downloaded from the Writing Protocols page)
  • endorsed by PHC

SPHDS is currently in the process of developing more NDPs. These new protocols will be added to this page following endorsement by the PHC

Endorsed Protocols