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About Smut Fungi of Australia

In Australia, the smut fungi currently include ca. 300 species in 43 genera, about half of the species and six of the genera being endemic. The endemic genera are Anomalomyces, Centrolepidosporium, Farysporium, Fulvisporium, Pseudotracya and Websdanea. While the three largest genera, Sporisorium, Tilletia and Ustilago, account for more than half the Australian species, only eight genera are represented in Australia by more than ten species, and 21 are known only by a single species. Furthermore, although 32 flowering plant families, 179 genera and 488 species are known to be infected by smut fungi in Australia, 64% of the smut species are exclusively parasitic on grasses (Poaceae) and 16% on sedges (Cyperaceae).