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Pointed Snail

Scientific Name
Cochlicella sp.
Scientific Author
(Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Cochlicellidae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic
NZ - Exotic

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Ventral - Shell
Justin C. Smith MAF
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Diagnostic Notes
Shell conical, with high spire.

Family diagnosis

Shell small to moderate in size; aperture with lip frequently present, situated at some distance from aperture margin. Sole holopod, undivided. Suprapedal gland embedded in foot tissues. Buccal mass spheroidal. Jaw odontognathic, with ribs varied in development. Radula with marginal teeth broad, on short basal plates. Intestine with single loop directed forwards. Kidney with a closed retrograde ureter, opening between top of lung and pneumostome, or at pneumostome; some taxa with a long ureteric diverticulum extending along rectum below ureteric opening. Cephalic retractors arising as a common stem on columella; right ocular retractor sometimes passing between phallus and vagina, sometimes free from genitalia. Phallus retractor arising from diaphragm. Genital orifice located immediately behind right ocular peduncle, or somewhat more posteriad. Genitalia primarily with stylophores (when present, and not extremely regressed or modified) forming a dart-sac complex consisting of 1 or 2 double units with a common base and distinct distal sacs lying side by side in the same plane. Darts (when present) short to long, straight or slightly curved. Digitiform mucus gland tufts variable in number, inserted on proximal vagina, more-or-less close to where dart sacs open into vagina. Reservoir of bursa copulatrix adhering to spermoviduct, not connected with wall of pulmonary cavity, its duct of medium length to short and lacking a diverticulum. Male genital ducts with a spermatophore-producing epiphallus, with flagellum. Phallus generally with a vergic papilla. Central nervous system with cerebropedal connectives in length less than twice cerebral ganglion width; left connective often longer than the right one. Pleural ganglia closer to pedal ganglia than to cerebral ganglia. Visceral chain compact. Haploid chromosome number 21-27.


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- Smith, B.J. & Kershaw, R.C. (1979). Field guide to the non-marine molluscs of South-eastern Australia. Australian National University Press, Canberra, 285 pp.
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