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Scientific Name
Dysmicoccus nesophilus
Scientific Author
Williams & Watson, 1988
(Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae: Pseudococcinae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic
NZ - Exotic

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Antenna - Adult
NZA690. Magnification: 20×.
Qing Hai Fan MAF
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Diagnostic Notes
Adult Female

Narrowly to broadly oval. Antennae 8-segmented. Translucent pores represented by a few on hind femur and a few on outer distal edge of tibia. Circulus conspicuously well developed. Ostioles with inner edges of lips sclerotized, each lip with 2-5 setae and a few trilocular pores. Anal ring with 6 setae. Cerarii numbering 17 pairs. Anal lobe moderately developed. Anal lobe cerarii each with 2 enlarged conical setae, accompanied by 6 auxiliary setae and evenly distributed trilocular pores. Anterior cerarii each with a pair of much smaller conical setae, 1-3 auxiliary setae longer than the conical setae and a few trilocular pores, all on a small but distinct lightly sclerotized area. Dorsal setae short, pointed, those on anal lobe segments much longer. The setae often with 2 or 3 trilocular pores near each socket; other trilocular pores distributed evenly, but usually an area devoid of setae and trilocular pores in mid-region of anal lobe segment. Discoidal pores each about same diameter as a single loculus of a trilocular pore, scattered. Ventral setae normal. Cisanal setae often as long as anal ring setae, but variable and sometimes shorter. Multilocular disc pores usually present in single to double rows at posterior edges of 4th and posterior abdominal segments and at or near anterior edge of 5th and posterior abdominal segments, and a few present on median areas of head and thorax in no fixed arrangement. Trilocular pores fairly evenly distributed. Discoidal pores scattered, noticeably larger than on dorsum. Oral collar tubular ducts of 2 types present.


- Williams, D.J. & Watson, G.W. (1988). The Scale Insects of the Tropical South Pacific Region: Part 2 The Mealybugs (Pseudococcidae). CAB International Institute of Entomology, Wallingford, UK, 262 pp.
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