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Acuminate Scale

Scientific Name
Kilifia acuminata
Scientific Author
(Signoret, 1873)
(Hemiptera: Coccidae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic
NZ - Exotic

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Full body - Female
Slide mounted
Rosa Henderson Landcare Research
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Diagnostic Notes
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Description and illustration of the adult female given by Zimmerman (1948), Ezzat & Hussein (1969), Ben-Dov (1979), Tao et al. (1983), Hamon & Williams (1984), Williams & Watson (1990), Tang (1991), Hodgson (1994a) and by Granara de Willink (1999).

Williams and Watson (1990)

Adult female normally found on leaves, pale green in life, flat, broadly oval, bluntly pointed on head, rounded posteriorly.

Slide-mounted specimens: body up to 3.0 mm long. Antennae 260-340 ┬Ám long, each with 6-8 segments. Legs longer than antennae, but middle and hind legs larger than fore legs; coxae conspicuously larger, tibia in all legs about 2 times as long as tarsus, with tibiotarsal articulatory sclerite present. Anal plates trullate, anterolateral edges about 1.5 times as long as posterolateral edges. Stigmatic clefts moderately developed, each with 3 bluntly-pointed stigmatic setae; middle seta longer than lateral setae. Marginal setae deeply branched, shorter than middle stigmatic setae, numerous, present in a single row. Dorsal setae short, apices clavate. Dorsal minute dark-rimmed pores circular, each with a slit-like opening; pores and setae together in rows forming a tessellated pattern. Preopercular pores present in a dense group. Submarginal tubercles present. Quinquelocular pores in double to triple rows present in stigmatic furrows. Disc pores present in vulvar region, usually quinquelocular. Microducts scattered on venter, with a concentration on each side of labium. Tubular ducts absent.


Tang 1991: 107 (female) [Asia]; Ben-Dov 1979: 313 (female) [world]; Ezzat & Hussein 1969: 373 (female) [Egypt]; Beardsley 1966: 482 (female) [Micronesia]; Zimmerman 1948: 293 (female) [Hawaii].
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