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Armoured Scale

Scientific Name
Lopholeucaspis cockerelli
Scientific Author
(Grandpré & Charmoy, 1899)
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic
NZ - Exotic

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Mouth and Spiracle - Female
Slide mounted
Rosa Henderson Landcare Research
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Diagnostic Notes
Williams & Watson (1988)

Female pupillarial; scale elongate, ridged, and triangular in cross-section, brown, but covered in a thin secretion of white wax.

Adult female elongate-oval, widest at about 3rd abdominal segment; membranous except for parts of pygidium. Head and pygidium rounded.

Pygidium with 2 pairs of lobes present. Median lobes wide apart, each elongate and pointed, often with single notches present on each side. 2nd lobes similar to median lobes in shape. Plates either same length as lobes, or longer, dentate or notched on sides, and more deeply fringed at apices; 2 present between median and 2nd lobes, and 3 present lateral to 2nd lobes. Anteriorly, plates sclerotised and blunt, then replaced by duct tubercles, at first projecting from the margins; but on free abdominal segments they continue in a ventral submarginal row, curving to anterior spiracle, and terminating towards anterior margin of clypeolabral shield. Dorsal ducts slender, 1 present between median plates, and more present marginally forward to 3rd abdominal segment; others present irregularly on submargins of pygidium, often associated with sclerotised patches; many ducts with a long filament at inner end, this much longer than duct. Perivulvular pores in 5 groups, but median and anterolateral groups often merging; supplementary groups also present on submargins of 2 preceding segments. Microducts present in median areas of abdomen, and lateral to duct tubercles. Antennae each with 4 setae. Anterior spiracles each with a group of disc pores. Small spurs present on head directed anteriorly, 1 lateral to each antenna, and 1 on either side of head margin, all at anterior ends of oval sclerotised areas.

2nd instar with 2 pairs of lobes and fringed plates. Marginal ducts with heavily sclerotised rims to orifices; dorsal ducts present irregularly as far forward as segment 5.

Source: [ScaleNet](

Female scale elongate, narrow, slightly curved, light brown. Male scale similar, but smaller. Adult female elongate, tapering towards cephalic extremity (Brittin, 1937). Detailed description and illustration by Boratynski (1960).


Watson et al. 2000a (female) [Expert system on a CD]; Williams & Watson 1988: 177 (female) [Key to species of Lopholeucaspis]; Borchsenius 1964a: 865 (female) [Key to Lopholeucaspis species known from India]; Balachowsky 1958b: 335 (female) [Key to species of Lopholeucaspis]; Balachowsky 1953g: 877 (female) [Key to species of Lopholeucaspis]; Ferris 1942: SIV-446:56 (female) [as Leucaspis cockerelli; Key to species of Leucaspis]; Brittin 1937: 285 (female) [as Leucaspis cockerelli; Key to species of Leucaspis]; MacGillivray 1921: 267 (female) [Key to species of Leucaspis]; Leonardi 1907c: 70 (female) [as Leucaspis Cockerelli; Species of Leucaspis].
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