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Ross's Black Scale

Scientific Name
Lindingaspis rossi
Scientific Author
(Maskell, 1892)
(Hemiptera: Diaspididae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic
NZ - Exotic

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Pygidium - Female
Slide mounted
Rosa Henderson Landcare Research
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Diagnostic Notes
Source: Henderson (2011) [See Web Links tab]

Live Appearance and Habitat

Female scale cover flat, subcircular with exuvia subcentral, usually black with lighter concentric rings of 1st- and 2nd-exuvia, overall more grey coloured when on exposed leaves in full sun. Male scale cover smaller, oval with exuvia towards one end. Young female pale pinkish becoming red-brown, with pale yellow pygidium; mature female and crawlers dark red-brown. On either upperside or underside of leaves, not stems or bark.


Adult female body shape turbinate with narrow, elongate pygidium, margin of pygidium appearing fringed with numerous slender paraphyses that decrease in size laterally to segment IV, longest by the lobes. With 3 pairs of lobes, each rather hoof-shaped, wider than long, notched laterally, with rounded apex, not bilobed, each with 1 pair of paraphyses.

Dorsal ducts 1-barred, arranged in furrows on pygidium, of 2 sizes, (i) the larger arising either side of L2; (ii) the long and slender arising further forward. Plates fringed between lobes, then less obviously divided between L3 and the tooth-like points of L4.

Ventral marginal-submarginal microducts in a band from pygidium to metathorax as far forward as dome-shaped eye spur, laterad of posterior spiracle. Antenna with 1 seta and small stubs. Spiracles without pores. Perivulvar pores present in 5 small groups.

Source: [ScaleNet](


Miller & Davidson (2005). Evans, Watson & Miller 2009: 63-67 (female) pecies found on avocado]; Williams & Watson 1988: 172 (female) [Tropical South Pacific]; Chou 1985: 321 (female) [Species of China]; Williams 1963b: 13 (female) [World]; Balachowsky 1958b: 166 (female) [Africa]; McKenzie 1956: 26 (female) [U.S.A.: California]; McKenzie 1950: 109 (female) [World]; Ferris 1942: 35 (female) [North America]; Kuwana 1933: 26 (female) [Japan]; Kuwana 1933b: 49 (female) [Japan]; Fullaway 1932: 95-97, 107 (female) [Hawaii]; Brain 1919: 198 (female) [South Africa]; Robinson 1917: 24 (female) [Philippines]; Green 1896e: 40 (female) [Sri Lanka].
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Henderson, R. C. & Crosby, T. K.
27/05/2011 02:15 AEST
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Henderson, R. C. & Crosby, T. K. (2011) Ross's Black Scale (Lindingaspis rossi ) Updated on 4/10/2014 3:04:05 AM Available online: PaDIL -
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