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Red Scale Parasitoid

Scientific Name
Comperiella bifasciata
Scientific Author
Howard, 1906
(Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae: Encyrtinae)
Pest Status
0 Unknown
0 Unknown
NZ - Exotic
NZ - Exotic

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Diagnostic Notes

Fore wing with two longitudinal fuscous streaks, both extending to apical margin of wing; longitudinal fuscous streaks divergent, seperated basally from median infuscated area on wing disc by narrow hyaline space; antenna with flagellum broadened and flatterned; funicle and club segments all transverse; antennal club as long as entire funicle; scape subtriangular with the antero-dorsal more or less flattened margin short, less than 0.50 the rest of dorsal margin and distinctly shorter than dorsal length of pedicel; ventral margin of pedicel convex; lateral ocelli seperated from each other by about twice their own diameter; median longitudinal dark area on frontovertex wider than each of the two lateral white bands; mesoscutum, except sides of disc, dark-metallic-green with a median longitudinal cupreous band extending over entire length of disc; tibial spur of middle leg distinctly longer than basitarsus.


First instar larva is caudate, vesiculate or encyrtiform varying from spherical to elongate; tail may be bifurcate; vary from 10- to 14-segmented and may or may not have functioning spiracles. Caudate larvae are frequently found in species that parasitize Coccidae. Vesiculate larvae have a caudal vesicle, and may also have a ring of fleshy protuberances around each of the first 12 segments. Encyrtiform larvae are more or less hymenopteriform, but they are metapneustic; generally 10- or 11-segmented. Later instar larvae are more uniform in structure and sometimes enclosed in a sheath which has anastomozed with the tracheal system of the host (eg Encyrtus spp., Metaphycus spp.).


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