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Coconut Mealy Bug

Scientific Name
Nipaecoccus nipae
Scientific Author
(Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
Pest Status
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Diagnostic Notes
Description from McKenzie (1967)

Adult female, mounted, 1.90-2.20 mm long, 1.20-2.00 mm wide; body form normally rotund; derm at maturity frequently quite strongly pigmented. Legs small but not especially stout; hind coxa with a few translucent pores at base. Antennae usually 7-segmented, rarely with 6 segments.

Dorsum with definite cerarii confined to abdominal segments. Anal lobe cerarius with 2 moderately large, conical setae, few trilocular pores, these borne in quite distinct sclerotisation. Abdominal cerarii anterior to anal lobes with cerarian setae slightly smaller, retaining conical form, these usually rather widely separated, thoracic areas and head without definite cerarii, although some irregular clustering of setae noticeable along margin, cluster on head at times assuming at most a slight appearance of being cerarii. Dorsal ostioles well developed.

Dorsum with trilocular pores rather numerous, evenly distributed. Minute circular pores scattered. Tubular ducts absent. Dorsal body setae almost exclusively of same form as those of cerarii, tending to be smaller and arranged in 4 longitudinal rows. Anal ring somewhat removed from posterior apex of abdomen; its 6 setae about twice as long as diameter of ring.

Venter with very few multilocular disc pores, these situated between vulva and circulus. Entire venter very sparsely provided with trilocular pores. Minute circular pores scattered. Very few small tubular ducts scattered on abdomen and sternal areas. Body setae small, slender, sparsely distributed.

Circulus present, small and circular.


Occurring on the foliage of its host plants.


Colour photograph of the general appearance of the adult female given by Carvalho & Aguiar (1997).


COLEOPTERA Coccinellidae: Curinus coeruleus Mulsant, Hyperaspis silvestrii Weise, Scymnus roseicollis Mulsant, Zilus viridimicans Sic.

HYMENOPTERA Encyrtidae: Pseudaphycus utilis Timberlake.

General Remarks

Description and illustration of adult female by Hempel (1929), Neves (1935), Gomez-Menor Ortega (1937), Ferris in Zimmerman (1948), Borchsenius (1949), Ferris (1950b), McKenzie (1967), Paik (1978), Zahradnik (1990), Williams & Granara de Willink (1992) and by Williams (2004a). Description and illustration of adult male by Beardsley (1960) and by Afifi (1968).


Parsa et al. 2012: 8-10 (adult, female); Williams 2004a: 442 (female); Williams & Granara de Willink 1992: 240 (female); Williams 1985: 229 (female); McKenzie 1967: 206 (female); Beardsley 1960: 212 (male); Ferris 1953a: 388 (female); Ferris 1950b: 103 (female); Zimmerman 1948: 176 (female).
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