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Khapra beetle

Scientific Name
Trogoderma granarium
Scientific Author
Everts, 1899
(Coleoptera: Dermestidae: Megatominae)

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Head front
AQIS Melbourne quarantine intercept
Simon Hinkley & Ken Walker Museums Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Adult males are 1.4-2.3 mm long, 0.75-1.1 mm wide; adult females are 2.1 - 3.4 mm long, 1.7 - 1.9 mm wide, ovate and densely hairy beetles. Antennal cavities open.

The head and pronotum are dark reddish-brown, elytra reddish-brown, usually with indistinct lighter reddish-brown fasciae; centre of thorax and abdomen reddish-brown; legs yellowish-brown.

The setae on the dorsal surface are of two types: evenly distributed, coarse, semi-erect, yellowish-brown ones; and, few scattered, dark reddish brown setae, colour of setae follows the colour of cuticles. The pronotum medially and laterally has indistinct patches of yellowish-white, ensiform setae, and elytra with two or three indistinct band of yellowish-white, ensiform (flattened) setae. The median ocellus on the front is always distinct. Antennae are yellowish-brown, 9, 10 or 11 segmented, with 3-5 segmented club.

(Plant Health Australia 2005)

Diagnostic Protocol written by Andras Szito