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rust-red flour beetle

Scientific Name
Tribolium castaneum
Scientific Author
(Herbst, 1797)
(Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Triboliini)
Exotic Species Establishment in Australia

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Diagnostic Notes

Tribolium castaneum (rust red flour beetle):

-                    2.3 – 4.4mm in body length, flattened

-                    Is reddish-brown in colour

-                    Antennae club distinctly formed in a distinct three-segmented club

-                    Head is visible from above

-                    Pronotum sides less curved than on T. confusum, punctures on centre of pronotum smaller than punctures on lateral margins

-                     Head capsule is notched at the eyes but almost continuous with no ridge

-                    Eyes divided by a projection of the head with narrowest portion is at least 3-4 facets wide

-          Underneath view shows eyes separated by less than half the head width

-                     Ventral part of eye large, extends medially to the level of the maxillary fossa

-                    Margins of eyes not elevated

-                    Beetles do fly

-                     Males have a setiferous patch on the posterior side of the fore femur; females have no such patch

-                    Feeds on a wide variety of products but tend not to attack sound grain with <12% moisture content

-                    Originally of Indo-Australian origin, has a cosmopolitan distribution but occurs more so in warmer climates.


 (confused flour beetle):


-                    2.6 – 4.4mm in body length, flattened, oval

-                    Is reddish-brown in colour

-                    Antennal club is poorly formed as a gradual club-like, the "club" consisting of 4-6 segments.

-                     Head is visible from above

-                     Sides of pronotum more curved than on T. castaneum, punctures on centre of pronotum about same size as punctures on lateral margins

-                     Head capsule is notched at the eyes so that a visib

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Museum Victoria
Walker, K.
17/06/2006 03:11 AEST
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25/11/2011 10:19 AEST
Walker, K. (2006) rust-red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) Updated on 11/25/2011 10:19:47 AM Available online: PaDIL -
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