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bark beetle

Scientific Name
Hypothenemus crudiae
Scientific Author
(Panzer, 1791)
(Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae: Cryphalini)
Exotic species - absent from Australia

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Diagnostic Notes

Anterior margin of pronotum armed with 6 teeth, lateral teeth smaller than median teeth. Frons with median groove. Elytral ground vestiture of fine confused hairs, well-developed at least on postero-lateral part of elytra, in addition to uniseriate rows of erect interstitial scales and fine strial hairs. Length 1.5 mm.

Generic characters of Hypothenemus: Eyes emarginate, antennal club with 3 sutures indicated by rows of hairs, summit of pronotum in middle, elytral ground vestiture either absent or hairlike:

Key to species on PaDIL (Modified from Beaver & Maddison 1990 - see references):

1. Frons with a round median tubercle at level of top of eyes, shallow groove below tubercle; no ground vestiture on elytra; body; length 1.5mm Hypothenemus crudiae

 - Frons not as above; elytral ground vestiture present or not present .. 2

 2. Anterior margin of pronotum with 4 teeth, median pair larger; frons without a median groove; elytral vestiture scalelike on declivity; body length 1.5-2.2mm Hypothenemus birmanus

- Anterior margin of pronotum with 6 teeth, all about same size; frons with or without median groove; elytral vestiture hairlike of absent ... 3

3.  Frons without a median groove; ground vestiture hair type combines simple and scale like hair; body length 1.0-1.3mm Hypothenemus eruditus

- Frons with a median groove ... 4

4. Ground vestiture hair type of simple hair only; body length 1.5mm. Hypothenemus hampei

-  Ground vestiture absent; body length 1.4-1.5 Hypothenemus seriatus


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