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Grape phylloxera

Scientific Name
Viteus vitifoliae
Scientific Author
(Hemiptera: Aphididae)
Exotic Species Establishment in Australia

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Apterous vivipara - Rostrum
Vic, 20km E of Avernal via Upton Rd. 5 May 200, ex. grapevine root Vitis sp. det. J. Wainer 2005
Alice Ames Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Gallicolae form (leaf-feeding)
Adult: globular aphid, 1.6-1.8 mm long and 1-1.2 mm wide; cephalothorax widened and its dorsal face rounded off; abdomen tapers off and is slightly frayed posteriorly; antennae composed of three segments, the third one being the most developed and provided with a large primary latero-external sensorium; the processus terminalis is short and broad, little differentiated at its base, having a length which is one-third in excess of that of the third segment (dimension taken from the base of the sensorium to the tip of the antenna, excluding the apiales); dorsal cuticle is rough, but entirely free from tubercles. The rostrum reaches the femora of the front legs.

Radicicolae form (root-feeding)
Adult: general appearance similar to gallicolae form, but smaller, being about 1 mm long. Distinguished from gallicolae by presence of tubercles on dorsal surface - 12 on  head, 28 on  thorax and 30 on  abdomen. Antenna with processus terminalis  well differentiated and much finer than that in gallicolae form. 

Nymphs:  have four stages, general external morphology as  adult. In later stages, width of  body increases more rapidly than  length, thus body becomes rounded in outline. Size of legs and antennae does not increase at same rate as that of body; so appear smaller in later stages. From second stage onwards, tubercles on the dorsal surface become more obvious.

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John Wainer and Mali Malipatil
24/05/2007 01:44 AEST
Last Updated
13/05/2009 16:16 AEST
John Wainer and Mali Malipatil (2007) Grape phylloxera (Viteus vitifoliae) Updated on 5/13/2009 4:16:38 PM Available online: PaDIL -
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