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Longtail mealybug

Scientific Name
Pseudococcus longispinus
Scientific Author
(Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
Exotic species - absent from Australia

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Dorsal View
Vic, Knoxfield, AQUIS Nursery. 2 May 2000. ex. Grapevine leaf. det. M. Malipatil 2000
Alice Ames Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
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Diagnostic Notes

Unmounted material: Adult female has 17 pairs of white wax pencils projecting from the body margin; these wax pencils are longer posteriorly, and the posteriormost two pairs are markedly longer than the others, often as long as, or slightly longer than body.  Body of  adult female is 2.0-3.6 mm long, soft, elongate oval and somewhat flattened; never produces any ovisac but give birth to live young. Crawler stage is  0.3 mm long, pale yellowish-buff initially but soon becomes covered in mealy white wax. Both immature and mature females have similarly coloured bodies, also dusted with mealy white wax.

Males have one pair of  simple wings dusted with white, powdery wax, long antennae, a pair of white wax filaments projecting posteriorly, and lack mouthparts.

Slide mounted material: 17 pairs of cerarii. Dorsal oral rim ducts, usually forming groups of 3 near most cerarii, each group comprising 1 large and 1 small ducts, or  more  rarely with only 1 small duct. On the venter multilocular disc pores reduced in number to a few around vulva.

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Mali Malipatil and John Wainer
31/05/2007 04:23 AEST
Last Updated
25/11/2011 10:33 AEST
Mali Malipatil and John Wainer (2007) Longtail mealybug (Pseudococcus longispinus ) Updated on 11/25/2011 10:33:23 AM Available online: PaDIL -
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